Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Lone Idea

After a night during which so, so many things transpired, I can only think that now I feel even more super-badly about being drunk that one time (yes, I'm still talking about it, bear with me) because apparently, I was The Annoying Drunk Girl. Was, am, probably will be again. How embarrassingly guilt-inducing.

So yeah, Taken Boy. He's quite a character. And on that subject I will remain surprisingly tight-lipped. Or at least I will try. He called me cute. No one ever calls me that. I get called regal, tomboyish, even sloppy from time to time, (not to mention, apparently, the Annoying D.G. Hmpf. Ok, ok, I'm letting it go...) but never cute. So he gets points for that I suppose. Right. Now that's enough of that.

Tomorrow I have a Paper meeting in which I think we will have to discuss Ways We Can Improve. I think it will get ugly, but your girl Lucky ain't no coward. At least, she hopes not. Speaking of displays of cowardice, I totally almost dropped my Spanish minor completely today. I was dissatisfied with a grade I'd gotten and wasn't sure if it was worth it. But I talked to my teacher and am now thoroughly convinced that I am in "A"-range if I give it that lil' extra push. And if it's one thing that I am, it's a clutch player. So game on.

Right, right, even thought it's almost 3am and I definitely have an article due tomorrow. But again, I don't have much to do during the day so I will just G it out and do it. I do have to give a speech declaring why prostitution should be legalized. I never gave it much thought. Question, though: can I refer to them as "working girls," "hookers," "streetwalkers," "ladies of the night" or anything of that ilk? You can't after all, rebuild the master's house using his tools (or is it destroy? I forget)--what I mean is, you can't argue for social change if you're using derogatory terms or stereotypes. That was the topic of Shakespeare today. Pretty interesting, actually. I was awake. Too bad I can't say the same for Ren Lit. I didn't mean to doze off and I felt bad, but damn if Dr. H's voice wasn't quite mellow and soothing.

I still gotta fill out my Final Four brackets. I spent Selection Sunday on an airplane, and haven't stopped to regroup, but I gotta get my teams right! Especially after my beloved MSU lost this past weekend in a heartbreaker. And so did Duke. But hey, at least the 2009 FF will be in Detroit! Too bad I won't be there. But that's okay. I'll be there in spirit.

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