Monday, March 10, 2008

My First Love

Songs I'm Really Vibing to Right Now:

-"Touch My Body" by Mariah Carey
I usually don't care for Mimi's first singles (that first one off of Emancipation annoyed the hell out of me). But this one is kind of cute.

-"Paris, Tokyo" and "Hi-Definition" by Lupe Fiasco
Both of these tracks are fierce, for lack of better word. Lupe's kind of new to me, but since I'm on a bright colors, bump-to-it kick, these songs fit perfectly.

"In This Club" by Usher ft. Yung Joc
Usher's albums are hot-fire. It's a fact. I love how solid his stuff is. This song's no different; I like the techno vibe mixed with his silky, bedroom/sex-song voice. I hope the rest of "Here I Stand" is this good.

-"Valerie" by the Zutons (Amy Winehouse cover)
Anyone who knows me knows that I am forever on YouTube listening to my girl Amy sing the mess out of this song.

"Take You Down" and "You" by Chris Brown
Again, I have such a problem with lead singles. I listened to W2W long enough to know that I didn't like it. Matter of fact, the CB songs that I dig the most haven't been released as singles yet. "TYD" is sexier, I think, than younger CB fans are used to, but for us "older" ones it's hot without being raunchy. "You" is catchy; it's much like his other stuff but has an original feel to it. I like this maturer Chris, and I hope that he keeps it up.

Hopefully I can figure out how to post these songs, I gotta share them with everybody.


Cara Hurley said...

Amy Winehouse is amazing! I like Usher too. Maybe you can do a post with his new video :-)

Nice blog girl!



Lucky said...

I found another Usher song, will post soon!