Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Meant to Go to Bed an Hour Ago

A cup of green tea and the latest issue of Cosmo had other plans, however. Somehow I ended up sifting through the archives of this blog. More specifically, through all posts tagged "Men." I don't recommend you do so, because halfway through, I was just like, "I can't." Someone really should have slapped some sense into me at some point during this past school year. But let's move on.

I found a new one (that was fast, right? Don't judge me.) I think. I met him a time or two during the school year, and he was nice and cute. And tall. Three pluses.

But this has all the makings of a disaster, I just know it. For a lot** of reasons. For starters, I think he might be unavailable and/or taken. And if he's not, I get the impression that he is smarter than I, or at least more well-rounded. Now I am shallow by no means, but it goes past intimidating and onto annoying when someone continually tries to be "deep" and thrust upon you his philosophies on life and whatnot. I just don't have that kind of time. I need somebody dumb. Dumb and hot. LOL, I keed, I keed. Passably smart and hot is just fine :)

And anyway, I can't do the whole Facebook flirting thing anymore (sad, but true). For one, I've been banned from sending FB messages (for no reason, might I add). Which, as any FB flirt worth her salt knows, is a cornerstone of the whole institution. That's kind of put a damper on my game, as I'm always better with writing than talking. Not to mention, the idea of sending that first catalyst of a message, quite frankly, exhausts me. Let's just say I don't think I'll be making the first move for awhile, if ever. The whole dating scene just seems tiresome to me at this point. Who knows how I'll feel once school starts up, but for now, starting anything with anyone gets a no thanks. No boys for me. I'm on hiatus. Not to be confused with going on sabbatical. There's no breakup requisite involved in a hiatus, and the rules are much more lax. Still, I'll probably swing by the new guy's page a time or two again, just to keep myself from going crazy.

**Actually, considering this new fellow is probably an all-around bad idea. It would mean breaking most of the rules I set for myself:

-No more Southerners
-No more Facebook flirting (I'm trying, ok?)
-No more guys who are acquainted with your friends
-No more guys who are acquainted with ex-flings
-No more psuedo-philosophical guys
-No more smokers
-No more Southerners

I'd like to think I learned something from the last few escapades.


DBaby said...

so, who might this be???

Lucky said...

like i would say on here! i can probably be persuaded with a text, though :)

DBaby said...

definitely sending you one tomorrow lol