Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hanging On, but Just Barely

This is how I look and feel right about now.

I haves a headache, my legs still hurt, and I still have loads to do before my head can come anywhere near a pillow.

Spent most of the day at TV Station stuffing those damned envelopes again, and this time without the pleasure of Sarcastic Intern's company; she's in LA with her boyfriend. Must be muthafukkin nice.

You'll have to excuse me once again, I really am exhausted and my room looks like the Titanic after the that nasty run-in with the iceberg.

I had another celebrity man-candy dream again last night, this time about Lil' Wayne. He was really nice and he gave me a ride in his Hummer. And no, I didn't mean that as a sex euphemism or anything. For once.

People I barely know continue to say complimentary things about me because of the scholarship, which is really quite flattering. Apparently this is the first year this scholarship has ever been given out, which, in case you didn't know, makes me kind of a big deal. LOL. Just kidding.

I really do have work to do tonight; some stuff for The Paper and with my other internship for Local Record Label. Also, I work on Saturday and have to cover a downtown festival this weekend for TV Station. Whew! Didya catch all that?

I feel there will be another long letter-type post coming up soon. I haven't decided if I want to air that particular bit of proverbial dirty laundry on this blog yet.

That being said, I must bid y'all adieu for tonight, I'm pooped. Happy 4th of July, eat some barbecue and crack a brewsky in my honor (or, better yet, something with tequila. No drinky-poos for me until I get back to school, ha)!

Whoops, sorry. Almost fell asleep sitting up. My bad. Leaving, now.


Bobby_2010 said...

Not that bitch (Bellatrix Lestrange)!! and you are SO a big deal!! I wish I had some money..I need something to drink, Some tequila would def be nice...I really think we should make sangria for our return get together!!(and in case you didn't know...that's legal now in Virginia.

Lucky said...

LOL when I needed an image of a crazy-haired loony-tune, she was the first person I thought of! And that sangria sounds sooo delicious right now...