Friday, August 29, 2008

Haunted House?

Finally. I'm back to blogging. Even though this post isn't probably quite up to snuff because I want to hurry up and get to sleep. I'm even going to skip ironing tomorrow's shirt. Just dreadful.

I'm going to skip talking about how I mastered the Southern City freeways and scary, dark, winding, country roads that are all named the same, my futile sightings of not only the Succulent Sex Machine from the other day but many, many others, and even how nervous I am about my workload this semester. I skip them because there are more pressing matters at hand. New Roommate is one of them grown-up things which means that she has a real job. A job which requires her to travel and leave her poor, green roommate at the house by herself. Huh? You may ask. A 19-year-old (hot) girl with a house to herself for awhile? Why are you not off prancing around playing loud music and stuffing your face full of Cheez-Its? Well, for one thing, I did that earlier. But the real answer to your question might be this:


It's like the place knows I'm here alone. My iTunes is mighty loud as I type this because the hum of this house is freaking me out. For a minute I had to sing "The Way You Make Me Feel" at the top of my lungs because the silence was so deafening. And don't get me started about taking a shower. If there was ever a time for me to need a boyfriend it wouldn't be when I'm sad and surrounded by couples but in trying times like these when I am home alone. And not even so we could turn the empty house into a lovers' lair or anything. Fuck that (for now). At this point I just want to make it to morning in one piece and live to blog another day.

*Whimpers and looks around* The stupid printer or fax or whatever this stupid thing is keeps jarring to life at random moments and scaring the bejeezus out of me. God. At this rate I won't have any bejeezuses left by the time New Roommate gets back. I just know it.

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