Thursday, August 14, 2008

Merlin's Beard!

Yes, friends, another Harry Potter post is upon us. But, the news is bad this time around. According to the Daily Prophet (or, ok, New York Magazine), Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be pushed back from this Thanksgiving until July. As in 2009! That news was worthy of an Unforgivable Curse, and not "Avada Kedavra!" as much as "What the fuck!?" It's nothing pertaining to the actual movie, which is in post-production, but about the bottom line and Warner Brothers' need for a summer box-office smash. So, as big corporations are wont to do, they are using HP as a lifesaver. Boo. I totally couldn't wait for the movie, I was probably going to see it on Turkey Day, and now, nothing. Just hit me with a Stunning Spell, why dontcha?! (For S & G's, extra points to the fellow nerd who can leave the Stunning incantation in their comment).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I bring forth good tidings to ye. You are now reading the writings of [Huge Sports TV Network's] newest fall intern! That enormously scary thing I had to do was a phone interview, and they offered me a position right on the spot, which I accepted right on said spot. It's funny, last year, I actually interviewed for the same position with a rather bored and snooty lady who subsequently turned me down. And now, with a scholarship and a personal recommendation from the director of the company under my belt, all I have to do is fill my name out correctly on the application *smirks*. This has been a good, no, fantabulous summer. Wowza.


Bobby_2010 said...

personally, I say STUPEFY this motherfuckers!!! how many points do I get?? I'm really pissed...i actually was hoping to see that with you!! But I guess I'll be using that as a bonding experience with people IDK this really saddens me!

Lucky said...

Jolly good! Ten points to your House.

I already had a plan for us to go see it on Thanksgiving :( Way to go, WB..NOT!