Thursday, May 1, 2008

Desperation is Unseemly

...although I shun to use the word "desperate." It reeks of, well, desperation.

It's a battle of wills. Who's going to make eye contact first? Who's going to say hello first? Who's going to go out on a limb and start the conversation? At this point, I just need some punctuation in this situation other than a question mark. A period, comma, an ellipses? But not a question mark.

He asked me once if it was possible to tell the truth to everyone but yourself. I responded, "Absolutely." Ironic foreshadowing. I had a dream that he told me everything that he hated about me. That was freaky. He's a few choice words but he's not really an asshole to that degree.

I'm not sad or anything right now, don't get me wrong. I'm just not particularly happy. If anything I am tired. Drained, even. I remember feeling like this awhile ago, where I was dragging along, waiting for something to happen. I kind of snapped out of it when I started talking to The Boy, but as the school year comes to a close, I think I have progressed, regressed, and come full circle all in one.

One thing I really, really, really have come to count on is the comforting presence that good friends offer. Guy friends, girlfriends, guy problems, girl problems, gossip, school crap, whatever. Good friends can make you forget your problems, and not 'cause they'll get you drunk. As soon as I walk in the door, somebody will say or do something crazy and pretty soon we'll be talking about something totally different. And when we get into dissecting the issue at hand, they will sometimes sit you down and give you at advisory slap in the face. However, back to what I was saying, all the advice in the world is no good if you're too proud to admit that you fucked up. Because if you could see what everyone else could, you would have fixed the situation in the first place. Pride is a sucky bedfellow.

On the bright side, the Pistons won! They ended the series 4-2 with a blowout road victory against the 76ers, 100-77. Next up we have the third-seeded Orlando Magic, who recently disposed of the Toronto Raptors in five. It will be interesting to see how the Pistons fare against Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkgolu. Flip Saunders will have to choose who he wants Tayshaun Prince to guard, Prince being the best defender the Pistons have. If Rasheed Wallace can contain Howard, the Pistons should be fine. Still, expect the series to go deep. Game 1 is Saturday at probably 8pm. We know where I'll be!

Hopefully I'll be watching the game with my dad, who's coming down here to help me move out. Ugh, that reminds me, I need a place to live for next year. I want someplace close to school, with my own room and a big bed (anything but a twin. We know my affinity for big beds). And wireless internet. That's honestly all I need.

KISSING. You'll have to excuse me. It's on the brain. I've gone without for the past few days. Er, no, weeks. Which, I mean, I should be used to, I guess? But still.

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