Sunday, May 25, 2008

On a Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Long Version)

Finally got together with Piston Fan (hometown friend) for dinner last night. Fun conversation, ugly game. But let's not go there.

In bed last night I sort of began to really let myself feel what I was ashamed or embarrassed to feel before. Listening to my Ipod, curled underneath the covers, I just let things play around in my head and come to the surface. But, ugh, I don't even want to talk about it anymore; it's gonna kill my buzz :)

This upcoming week should be a good one, hopefully I will have some fun things to share with y'all. But right now I feel slightly off-kilter, rusty, sluggish. Something fun should come up soon, I hope. I use the word "hope" a lot. Because it's what I do. I wish and pray and hope for things. Sometimes I get them, sometimes I don't, but I always hope.

[I had to come back and add more because I'm in a bad mood now and didn't want it to leak onto my 100th post]

Sometimes I really like being at home, and sometimes I absolutely hate it. Nobody can get on your nerves and utterly piss you off like your siblings. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I could have sworn that not only are you not my parent, but I'm grown (a grown-ass woman if you wanna get technical). And I also could have sworn that you didn't have such an attitude problem when I gave you a ride to the store earlier. Sigh. I hate writing bad stuff about siblings because I feel bad about it later, but I am extremely annoyed right now. Family gets on your nerves like no one else can. It's always over something stupid, but damn if you don't need to like, seriously blow off some steam over some minor sibling BS! Somebody tell me I'm not a bad person just because I want to kick my sister out of the house for a few hours and call it a day...


The Girl With the Golden Heart said...

You're not a bad person. If I could kick my bro out and sometimes mom out the house when they are getting on my nerves, I would...LOL

Lucky said...

I'm glad I'm not alone!