Monday, May 12, 2008

It's Like I Never Left

Left home, that is.

I'm back to going to bed at 3, waking up at 2, and eating and doing random stuff in between. I feel like a deadbeat and I just got back! I've already eaten my weight in junk food, checked my email 90 times, played with Precious, and attempted to work out. When my butt was in the air as I did Downward-Facing Dog, it definitely screamed, "What in the HELL are you doing?!"

No! I'm watching "One Tree Hill" right now; if Skills and Deb hook up I will claw my eyes out! The plus side of being at home is all the TV I get to catch up on. The downside is, well, all the TV I get to catch up on, which means cementing my butt to the couch. "Gossip Girl" was super-good, too, fyi.

I normally like long drives, but I couldn't fall asleep at first. My head was full almost the whole time. I hate being alone with my thoughts sometimes. I had 10 hours to reflect on an entire school year, and it was a little disconcerting, a little heavy. When your mind wanders, sometimes there are places where you don't really want to be taken. But whatever. There's a difference between being "done" with something and being actually "over" it. It might take awhile for me to learn, but I am. Learning, that is.

Oh, "The Hills" is on. This is when I miss Roommate, SG, and CG, we usually watch it together, and if we don't, we definitely commiserate over it later...Speaking of, Roommate will need a new name! Maybe I'll just call her ex-Roommate? and save myself some trouble, LOL.

My stomach hurts from those junk food calisthenics. Heidi is at a business meeting wearing complete hooker shoes. I have regressed into summer mode, which means, well, a little scraggly, unfortunately. Ooh, the Pistons play tomorrow. If that doesn't inject a little fun into my day, nothing will...oh, my God! Kimora is on!! It is so damn good to be home.

OMG, Spencer is like Satan. He just, like, popped up like Lucifer in "Paradise Lost." And Usher is performing on the After-Show, which I might have to watch just for that, certainly not for those two annoyingly obnoxious co-hosts (the red-haired girl and the guy with the glasses). They are just too much for me to handle in my post-dinner stupor.

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