Thursday, May 8, 2008

The world has been made right!!

Taking a break from packing, I stumbled across this photographic gem. Behold:

Yes, people, it is none other than Chris Brown and Rihanna all hugged up at KFC. *sigh* Now that is black, that's gonna be me and my man someday, looking all cute at Popeye's!!

Wow. Lawd, that sounded a little too country for my liking...Jesus take the wheel and get me back above the Mason-Dixon Line, STAT!

Also, when did Usher get sexy?

I keep forgetting that he's short. Tiny detail. Haha, I said "tiny."

You know you laughed.


Cara said...

I am happy for Rihanna :-)

Anonymous said...

I've always thought Usher was pretty hot! But yeah short guys... eh. Well you know how that goes. Rihanna and Chris Brown are too cute.

Lucky said...

i found more pics this morning, and almost passed out with the cuteness!
somebody on said that in this case, "KFC" stands for "Keep F*cking Chris" 'cause he's finger-lickin' good, LOL.

i've always liked Usher's swag (and his music) but i'm really feeling him! i can't wait to see pics of his son!

mollyelizabeth said...

I think it's Usher's beard. Scruff is hot.

Lucky said...

scruff is definitely hot

The Boy looks like Usher...maybe that's it?