Friday, May 16, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

It's been a few days...I really have been on that deadbeat skeez, so sorry, y'all!

I may have an internship with an underground record company. I have to go meet with them next week. The music style is a complete 180 from anything I've ever listened to, but it's experience, right? And, hopefully I will have a job soon, too, that my friend recommended I try. It's 9 bucks an hour, so hell yeah I hope I get it!

I persevered, y'all. I worked out good yesterday. Which is why I can barely move today. I want to do it again, but we may be going shopping when Mom gets home from work. And there's this pair of shoes that I really want. So "Legs and Glutes" on FitTV may just have to wait...

I downloaded Amy Winehouse's first album, "Frank,"** yesterday. Like "Back to Black," it's a damn good listen. I listened to it on repeat last night as I pored over magazines. I'm trying to find my style, as I try to every summer. Summer is that time when everybody tries to do some type of overhaul with this big ol' stretch of time, but I need some direction. When left to my own devices, things can go terribly awry. Like, I need someone to wake me up in the morning, otherwise I'll sleep 'til 3. The sad part is that I can find things to do that keep me awake at night. I was in bed at 1 last night, but due to aforementioned magazines and my Ipod, I didn't turn off the light until 3. Again, so ashamed was I.

**Best tracks so far: "I Heard Love is Blind," "Stronger Than Me," and "Take the Box." Honorary mention: "F Me Pumps." But really, the whole album's a smash.

I had a dream last night that I went on a date. We went to a little Italian joint, and I wore high heels and my black troublemaking shirt (which I didn't wear this year after I stopped talking to the Runner. Weird.) We ordered dessert to go (chocolate cheesecake. Yum-o), and made out on a couch. If a real-life date went like that one, that'd be pretty okay.

By the way, do people even go on "real" dates anymore? I think I like the idea of "outing" dates, anyway, that aren't just dinner (proponent though I am of eating). Like, me, him, and an afternoon baseball game would be so cute. Maybe that's 'cause I'm in my element at sporting events, and would be more comfortable there? Even though, he'd have to really like me to take me to a basketball game, because I am loud. That'd be a good indicator of our potential, though. If he's giving me the *side-eye* while I'm chanting "DE-FENSE, DE-FENSE!", we probably won't last very long.


(vixenchick) said...

1. Good luck on the interview!

2 **they tried to make me go to rehab/but I said no, no, no** Everytime I hear this song A&E's Intervention always comes to mind. Weird. Amy Winehouse is so dope! (No pun intended!)

3.That sounds like a hell of a dream, girl.

Have a good weekend!

Lucky said...

1. Thanks, I need $$ sooo bad!!

2. That song is soo fitting for that show! She really needs to get help, all of her songs are FIYAH and I need her to go on tour so I can see her!

3. If only it were a reality :)

Do something fun this weekend!

Bobby_2010 said...

Hey Lucky, I've been a bum this week, but today I did register for housing for this summer. I really love this tears dry on their have created a monster!!! and I like the sounds of that dream kid!!! I need me one...maybe I'll get with one of these women in DC, and BE productive this weekend! So proud of you working roommate for DC works out, so maybe we can work out together!!

Lucky said...

Y'all can bond over working out, being gym do you know who your roommate is already?