Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yet Another Thing I Can Become Obsessed With

Ok, ok, I give. I was going to wait until I had an initial fun picture to post, but time has just not been on my side. So I will tell, rather than show:


I shan't bore you with the lo-o-o-ng setup process (we're talking hours), but just know that the lil' thing hasn't been too far from me ever since I picked it up on Monday. The only setback is that I wanted to sync it to my school email address but of course My College's DefCom 5 security made it impossible for even the guy at the Blackberry store couldn't hook it up! Which means I had to call the Help Desk, which of course was pointless because no one answered (you'd better believe I left a voicemail). But anyway. That minor blip aside, I am in gadget love.

I had a refreshing conversation with Top Chef (via text, duh) about the turn blogging has taken. I was worried about my anonymity (or lack thereof) and the issues I had with it last year. TC took his regular stance to my everyday minidrama: providing commentary when necessary but allowing me to talk myself through it. A thousand thanks to you!

I am watching Project Runway right now and am already taking issue (I fell asleep earlier today and missed the original airing) with something (don't get me started on some of the looks. My God):

Austin, adorable though he was, was NOT the winner of Season 1. He didn't even make the Top 3...he totally should have been, though, in the place of that psycho soccer mom Wendy Pepper. In your face, though, WP: Austin is the creative director for Kenneth Pool. Why lie, Project Runway, and use Austin instead of the real winner, Jay? I mean, is one measurably more famous than the other? I had to Google both of them. Maybe it was a time thing. And yes, what would you refer to Austin as? Almost a runner up? Fourth best? Yeah, best to stick the misnomer of Winner of Season 1. I wonder if anyone noticed.

Damn. I had a lot more things to say (don't I always?). But what were they? Let's see...I redid my underwear drawer to look like the drawers at VS? No, that wasn't it. This upcoming trip to Chicago is wearing me out? Eh, more on that later. I really, really want to go shopping? Well, what else is new?

I'm sure I'll figure it out, and of course will let you know when I do. I am nothing if not meticulous.


(vixenchick) said...

Lucky you!I have the blackberry curve,and I love it.Happy weekend!

Bobby_2010 said...

I am so jealous of you right now!! I need to get one..but i have to wait until at least November, so i can get that discount.

Lucky said...

VC: You might have to be my personal Blackberry adviser 'cause I'm still learning how to figure it out!

Bobby: I had to go through hell and high water to get this so I know your struggle, my friend.