Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cutting My Teeth

I took a much-needed nap meant for two this afternoon. I was in a romantic mood today. I don't know why. At work I came across some massage oil with dice in them, one with a naughty verb and one with a body part. "KISS her BACK" and "NIBBLE his EARS," et al. And later I got some all over my hands. Occupational hazard, I suppose, along with testing perfumes and knocking over a shelf full of spare garter belt clips (true story).

I'm letting Youngest Sister watch a movie with a lesbian couple in it. In a house that still spells out "s-e-x." Is that wrong? I don't want to scar the child because I'm a hippie.

On Friday the interns from TV Station, along with Website Girl went to cover Cool Music Event, which, I'll tell you, was the Warped Tour, sponsored by Vans. Very hipster, "emo," punk, pop-rock, kind of deal. Lots of great bands have graced its stage, and I've kind of always wanted to do but never had the motive, means, or opportunity. Going as a part of the press (complete with super-cool press pass), was completely fun. I got to interview: Jimmy from Every Avenue-so nice, a shaggy blond sneaker-head, Sashi from Gym Class Heroes** (I was quite annoyed that frontman Travis didn't do any press)-cool guy but probably shy in real life, and had a side conversation with Derek, the drummer from Family Force Five. I didn't even know he was in a band, we'd just started chatting about the weather and ended up having a 15-minute conversation. I don't remember the rest of the bands I met. Most of them and lesser-known, and that's the great part about smaller venues and un-famous folks: once you're near them (credentials are the hard part) most of the members are refreshingly unpretentious-honored and lucky to have the chance to do what they love.

One of the more fun ones was a British band called TAT. A girl and two guys, all very fun (Tatiana, the lead singer, made me feel her boobs-during the interview). Even though I screwed up their names, we turned it into a joke and had a really fun on-camera interview. They got a kick out of me using the word "smidge," apparently it's a British saying as well. Afterwards, the band told me that ours was "better than some of the other ones we've had." So that was comforting; I have a phobia of being filmed. We ran into issues with band management and might not be able to use the video, just audio, so we shall see. I have to say, though, it was the hottest day of the week during WT, so I'm sure my sweaty brow looked darling. And the place was so filthy I was overdressed in my plaid frock and gladiator sandals. Hot as hell, but a good time. I went to say I went. [Pictures soon of GCH's set].

My sincerest apologizes, I seem to be exhausted. That nap for two wasn't as effective as I'd hoped. I've been running on close to E for the past week; you can probably tell on-sight that I've been burning the midnight oil...

***I will forgive Travis for our interview that wasn't because GCH's set was in-fucking-credible. Enough energy to power a stadium. They played songs from their upcoming album, The Quilt, but they finished with "Cupid's Chokehold." And at the end, Travis grabbed the mike, and asked the audience to do him a favor: "Have a nice fuckin' day!"


(vixenchick) said...

The boyfriend and I have some of those naughty dice. He loves them and so do I. :) Fun times.

Lucky said...

I'll bet! I can't wait to get some (both a BF and those dice), lol.