Saturday, July 26, 2008

My 15 Minutes

I could be famous.

After tonight's award ceremony at which I and others received various recognitions, I decided that being adored agrees with me. With my dad, too, apparently, since people were shaking his hand as much as mine. I had to give a speech, yo. Dad did too, for reasons unknown, but he and I had a blast, working the room and having fun doing it. People couldn't wait to wring my dad's hand, either. He's extremely tall and it was a sports function so I think they mistook him for a former NBA guy, or something (which actually happens a lot). There were also some big journalism names there telling me how proud they were of me, which was awesome.

Some lady came up to my dad and said, "Congratulations, sir, you have a great daughter. And she's just adorable!"

Why yes, lady, I wanted to say, I am damn cute.

But of course, every fun night in high heels has its mini-snag: a guy came over to me with his HOT AND TALL FRIEND in tow, both to congratulate me. I could barely get discernible words out as he complimented me and shook my hand. But where a girl savvier than I would have turned that into a perfect opportunity, my dad had to go all, "Hey [Lucky] come meet such-and-such" on me. Jeez.

That being said, after taking stock of the events of the past few days, I have decided that, yes, I, shy, sometimes wallflowery Lucky, could do famous.


molly said...

And when you are famous, I am not below asking you for an amazing job. Just so we're clear from the start.

molly said...

Ha, I meant not above* asking ... As in, I totally will. Ok, I will probably need a job where someone else can do my proofreading.

JustMeAgain said...

"I decided that being adored agrees with me"

Glad to hear that. It means you have a healthy self image. I hate it when people resist praise and adulation as if they think it make them humble.

Hope you are keeping well Lucky.


Lucky said...

Molly, I am sure we will find you something :]

And JME/Cara, I'm so glad you're back.
I've always been one to love due praise/attention, LOL!