Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Sign that I Might be Overworked

Will write more later, for now exhausted. Had to put the store (VS) back to rights after the Big Sale last night-turned-morning. Wanted to slit my wrists; will never get tricked into taking 9pm to what was supposed to be 5:30am but turned into 8am shift EVER AGAIN. But will this prevent me from going straight from TV Station tomorrow to shop at the very mall at which I toil? No, as you may have guessed, it will not.

Anyway, I could be losing my mind: the other night, I had a dream that Amy Winehouse was blowing crack-laced smoke in my kitchen, and that my mother (my mother! Who has never had anything stronger than an Apple Martini in her life) was smoking a joint in the basement.

Disturbing in every sense of the word.


Bobby_2010 said...

you need to rest more often!! What is going on with you?? Not crack-smoke...I hear that ish is dangerous...leave Amy alone in her crack den!!

Vittoria said...

i dreamt last night that president bush was my boss and he was upset that i was looking at non-work-related websites at work. then she shook me, and i could feel a teeny little boner.

it was one of the weirdest things ever. must be something in the water!!

(vixenchick) said...

One time I had a dream that me and Prince were doing the nasty. That's the best dream I've ever had. :)

DBaby said...

Lucky u need a vacation, please!!!! If it's any consolation, rest assured that u have a massage waiting for u when u get back to the southern city in which you go to school.

Lucky said...

Bobby: You know I'm an insomniac to the highest degree, I wish I was disciplined enough to get 8-9 hrs!

Vittoria: YICK both to Dubya and his subsequent hard-on..It must mean that you are a hot piece even to the Pres!

VC: Don't you love sex-with-a-celeb dreams?! It was Chris Brown for me :)

Dbaby: I just might take you up on that offer!