Sunday, July 13, 2008

You Jump, I Jump

So, yes, last night was the big birthday do.

Notable: my beef chow mein was delicious, my dad got my mom this ridiculously huge diamond (an update of her engagement ring I think), and my uncle, who moved to Kansas City and hasn't been back for six years, showed up and surprised everyone (well, me at least). That part was really nice. The best party guest goes to my mom's dreadlocked, Afro-centric, self-titled "renegade" teacher friend. She quit her teaching job and is working on her dissertation about the use of "Black language" (aka ebonics) and is seriously awesome. She and Top Chef would have a field day together--I told her she needs to come and teach at My College. Actually, I think she would have a better time at Brother College, but either way she'd turn the campus on its ear.

When it rains, it pours: at first, today's VS shift was turned into an on-call, for which they didn't need me. Not that I wasn't glad to get back to sleep, but, um, I need the money. Wait a minute. What if I get laid off?! It's not like I'm not expendable; I suck at the organizational part of putting the store back together (I had to give this one rude-ass bitch the side-eye last time because she snapped at me like I was incompetent when I was really just confused and a tiny bit EXHAUSTED), and I've only opened one store credit card. IF I GET FIRED FROM THIS JOB I WILL DIE OF MORTIFICATION. Not to mention destitution. Let's change the subject and hope for the best.

All day, since I didn't have to work (insert nervous whimper), I made an ass-shaped groove in the couch in front of the TV because there were all these specials about Diana, Princess of Wales on Oxygen. Quite fascinating stuff, actually, and just not because I like reading about her. A little while later I watched a documentary about the Titanic. Maybe I am a total nerd...

Speaking of the Ship Formerly Known as Unsinkable, I can only watch my Three Disc Special Collector's Edition DVD of Titanic every few years because I bawl every time I do. I can't help it. I'm totally fine up until the part at the end where Rose climbs up the stairs to meet Jack under that "Make it count" clock and everyone applauds as they kiss. That's when I lose it. I even tear up at the opening bars of "My Heart Will Go On." Oh, God, I'm getting sappy just posting that link. This is just pitiful. And yet, I'm considering unearthing my DVD as we speak. Do not disturb.

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