Thursday, July 24, 2008


Earlier I tried to post from my phone, in the midst of the onset of a networking-induced panic attack, but I couldn't figure out how. So I had to settle for cowering in the corner of the ladies room (on a chair, duh), listening to "Dirty Diana" before I could compose myself enough to enter the job fair.

In case I forgot to say, I'm at a journalism convention in Chicago to schmooze, network, and accept my scholarship (not in that order). A convention, at which, I must say, the esteemed Barack Obama will be speaking tomorrow. So there!

Anyway, the fair wasn't the vomit-inducing, kill or be killed circus I thought it would be. And by that I mean no one was overly rude and there are hot guys here. I had to scribble tally-marks on my left hand (not the handshake hand!) count all the booths I stopped by. But still, I was glad when the day was over and my dad, my godfather, and I could go to Giorzano's for authentic Chicago deep dish. I must say, I'm a little disappointed in myself. Usually I'm good for three slices of pizza, no matter what kind, but honey, after one slice of that cheesy goodness and I was laid out! I couldn't go out like that; I did manage to go back and attempt a second slice (attempt being the key word).

Tomorrow I accept my award. My picture's in the program and everything. My dad got a kick out of that. So if you need me tomorrow evening, I might be busy enjoying my 15 minutes of fame and probably still trying not to faint.

PS-I heard from the Runner today, via Facebook. And a few days ago, Science Guy. *blank stare*


molly said...

It all sounds so amazing. Congrats and I hope you're incredibly proud of yourself - you should be.

Lucky said...

Aw thanks! I am proud of the work I did...I'm just now getting started!