Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hear My Plea

And I'll make it short.


Because the undies I got today (don't side-eye me, y'all, they were free) say "Lucky" on them by happy coincidence and it got me to thinking that I have amassed a rather large collection of oft-mentioned unmentionables and the only thing sadder than no one ever getting to reap the benefits of my lingerie addiction would be something majorly depressing like watching some person who's received the Dementor's Kiss stagger around reliving the worst moments of his/her life.

Whilst wearing Crocs.


The Brooklyn Boy said...

If you ever feel like showing off, I uh ... might know some people who could be interested. ;)

Ha. Honestly, though -- him "getting to reap the benefits of my lingerie addiction" might be the best reason I've heard yet for a lady wanting a boy around. Well done.

DBaby said...

Ok, u know I love u like a play cousin, but I had to give u the supreme side eye over that plea.
But if it makes u feel any better, I did it before u said don't give u the side eye.

Lucky said...


It's how I talk myself into buying things I absolutely do not need by telling myself I'm "saving" it (it is sad)..

And it's the honest to Gawd truth, so there is no shame in my game!

Bobby_2010 said...

you, ma'am are a complete mess!! lol...but I like the way you just have to find someone to share those "oft-mentioned unmentionables" with...that is our project for 1st semester..then 2nd can share all by yourself...without any help or input from me!! :)