Tuesday, August 26, 2008

180 Degrees

And I'm not trying to be philosophical with that title. That's how FUCKING HOT it is here in Southern City. I'm here at Brother School dying, and I had to walk outside through campus for the guys to, ahem, blatantly ogle. Now I'm here at my Paper Meeting trying to figure out how to cross my legs in shorts without them looking fat. And some joker is in here filming the meeting, no doubt for some student project. And some girl is staring at me in a not quite friendly manner. I'm older than you, more higher up, and suffocating grossly in the heat. And trying to type surreptitiously. Girl, get out of here.


(vixenchick) said...

i wish the weather was like that here in nashville. its been rainy all week here.

Lucky said...

Oh, don't fret, when it's not grossly hot it's rain miserably. So basically it's humid no matter what!