Sunday, August 3, 2008

In Another State of Panic

So I'm minding my own business on the couch, snacking on a plum and watching Crossroads--a severely underrated cinematic adventure in my opinion--when a many-legged creature scuttles across my basement floor.

Now I am not a wimp in most cases (excepting in bugs and such), so I planned to kill it with a well-placed SMACK! of a magazine, but by the time I finished screaming bloody murder (I put my hand over my mouth first; it is almost 3am), The Thing was gone from my line of sight. I don't know where it went and, frankly, LIKE HELL I'M MOVING FROM MY SAFE PLACE AND INTO THE WILD to hunt for and kill this thing.

Lucky of the Yukon I am not.


(vixenchick) said...

Crossroads is so the business!

Bobby_2010 said...

You will not run from the 8-legged freaks! You will stand and fight like the proud Amazon we know you to be! I need to take another religion class got moved to atime that conflicts with another class...what should I take? Oh, I'm considering a spanish minor.

Lucky said...

VC: Ain't it? I'd almost forgotten about that hidden gem.

B: LOL. Take something fun-ish. Take a Spanish class and be a minor!

The Young Lady said...

I had a simialr experience this past friday but it involved a mouse in the work place. YUCK. I had a similar tactic: Keep my behind right where I was and let the little creature be. The last thing I want is to walk over to where it is! lol

Lucky said...

tYL: my thoughts exactly..thank God I've never had to deal with a mouse!