Saturday, August 2, 2008

Varsity Un-Blues

Fashion Student's birthday party was today, a pool party that I coincidentally arrived late at so that I wouldn't have to actually get in said pool (I don't own a bathing suit and am not exactly itching to go buy one). I only planned to stay for a little while before returning back home to eat pizza, but ended up staying until 1am. Along with FS and Scoop was Blondie, and the four of us were the only senior varsity cheerleaders back in high school, and we got to strolling down Memory Lane. Scoop, as usual, did not disappoint with her knowledge of all the post-high school gossip, and we exchanged boy stories and memories and laughs and "no you didn'ts!" hours after everyone had left.

Oh, high school, how I sort of miss thee. God, I loved being a cheerleader. That was four years spent in the shortest skirt I will (probably) ever wear in my life without looking like a total hooker. Not to mention, my team was my family. I used to be a shy little thing before I became a cheerleader, and, well, by the time I graduated, I was affectionately known as "loud and crazy."

It's fun to go back and fill in the blanks so many years later. For instance, cheerleaders had "buddies" on the football team that we would make bags of food for and wear their jerseys sometimes on game days, and mine was the captain and quarterback of the team (yes, I was that girl. We didn't date though. I wasn't that girl). I did have a tiny crush on him that resulted in lots of victory hugs and high-fives and extra treats in his bag (sometimes I did this for all my buddies, to be fair), yet I figured that I'd still only be little more than "some cheerleader" to him. Well, fast-forward to tonight, when talking about old friends and his name came up, Scoop said to me, "Oh, yeah [Quarterback] really liked you." When I asked, "Really?" She responded, "Uh-huh, he like, loved you." Not in a crush-y way, obviously, but a "she's a sweet and cool girl" kind of way. Which, even years after I graduated, still provided me with a happy little glow of satisfaction. He was the high school quarterback and Prom King. I mean, come on.

On another bright note, I went to the dentist today, and despite my mom's constant clucking otherwise, my jovial dentist exclaimed, "You have beauuuuutiful teeth!" So ha. But don't you hate when your teeth are all...oooky after a trip to the dentist? I tried to right that wrong with pretzels and a club sandwich, Sometimes I am eternally six years old.

PS: this is yet another reason why I love John Mayer.


Bobby_2010 said...

see...I hate running into folks from high school...I just had a run in today at the grocery is always so awkward...I don't care enough to actually know what these folks are up to...but I am so glad things worked out! And I need you to become a cheerleader again if that's what it takes to get you to open up!! I'll train with you...(but not really);)

Lucky said...

Oh there are precious few people from high school I can stand conversing wit, otherwise yes it is a trip to Awkward City. But if it's people I only dealt with b/c we had class together or something, I take great pleasure in ignoring them.

Like I would ever be a cheerleader for My School or Brother School. Might as well apply to Magic City ;)