Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This just in: at this very moment, Middle Sister has an INSANELY HOT guy friend over. I only got a fleeting glimpse of him, but hot damn, he is gorgeous. In my house, currently, there is one of the hottest guys I've seen since Tex, and he's with my sister. My younger sister. Blimey. If that's not an unholy indication that life isn't fair, then, well, I just don't know what is. And I'll tell you this for free: if he becomes anything resembling her "official" boyfriend I will find it very, very, very hard to continue living.

But on the whole I am happy that at least someone in my family (besides my parents) has found true and everlasting love. Let it be known that I am not a jealous spinster sister-- just yet. I fear it may be a-coming.

Have things gone unchanged? Why am I just starting to write an article that's due tomorrow, being aided in the procrastination department by popcorn, Vitamin Water, and iTunes? While wearing sweatpants? And my hair is messy, to boot! Honestly all I need is my lucky hat and it's like I've gone back in time.

Earlier I was on Facebook and stumbled across someone's profile whose very face utterly pissed me off. And a dear friend of mine* was fraternizing with the enemy! I almost fell off of my chair; what the fuckity-fuck is THIS all about?! I can't.

*Please, no one take offense to or read too much into this. I am melodramatic more than I am scorned or possessive. I'm just joking around, using a touch of exaggerated flair, if you will, to give readers a chuckle at my good-natured expense. Don't take Lucky very seriously, it will only give you a headache!

Fuck. I really do have to do this article that I had all summer to work on. I've learned nothing from last year's bleary-eyed nights spent in front of this very laptop! But I feel quite un-creative at the moment, making it hard for me to write anything of use, and I'm also quite tired. Maybe I will just let the Devil take the hindmost and do this tomorrow, at TV Station. Eh, I feel disaster might befall that plan, so it looks I'm going to have to take it on the chin and produce. I need some inspiration and right now all I feel is bored. With precious little to show for myself except for a paragraph and a full stomach due to all those delicious snacky-snacks. I've still got my appetite, at the least.

Update: In need of tequila. Evening has turned into a facsimile sham of a fiasco; hate being nosy, nerdy spinster older sister. Want to simultaneously scream, vomit, and gouge eyes out. Must throw self wholeheartedly into work in hopes of becoming professional ice-queen to whom the petty dealings of others have no effect. Might resort to dark chocolate bar hidden upstairs.


Bobby_2010 said...

you, my sister, are a nut-job!! ice-queen is not the way to go...did you not learn from Mrs.(Sen) Clinton?? And be happy for lil' sis...You will get one when the time is right (I don't think now is the time: you're still a little crazy...not joking...you scared me a bit with this post!) :o

Kaitlin said...

good luck! hope you get your writing groove back!

Lucky said...

thanks kaitlin!