Sunday, August 17, 2008


For the life of me I cannot figure out whether or not I am pretty or not. Is that weird? I've been poring over pictures of myself for an inordinately long time trying to get a reasonable answer but I am getting nowhere. In some pictures I think, "well, I look ok but my eyebrows look weird" or "in this one my hair looks funny but I guess it's an all-around nice picture." So I really can't decide. I mean, I've been called "pretty" before but I've also been called "ugly," too (well, by Middle Sister when we were kids), so is it even or what? File this under "deep intellectual thoughts."

Urgh I'm also trying to pack to go back to school and although I've made a sizable dent, I still have a hefty mountain to climb and it is hot in here and I am tired. Plus my arse hurts from sitting on the floor amidst scarves and clothes and half-packed suitcases.

Notable shenanigan: last time I worked at VS, I had to work with the miserable cow who works in the ubiquitous back room.** She was rude to me and I was rude to her. As in, she let a door slam in my face and I accidentally-on-purpose brushed by her forcefully. I would have been meaner but a) I can't be outwardly mean, and, more importantly, 2) the week before, I'd put some bras in the wrong place, hoping she would have to re-organize them, and doing more might have been too much. After all, my Creator does not like ugly.

**She probably works in the back because she IS, in fact, a miserable cow. One with no interpersonal skills who must therefore remain hidden away from us NORMAL people.

On Facebook I think I really pissed this guy off. First he friended me, then messaged me, asking if I recognized him. I didn't, and he kept having me go through his pictures to no avail. Eventually I asked him if he recognized me, and his answer was so unsatisfactorily vague I just said, well, sorry man, take care! I mean, it sucks if someone doesn't remember you, but if you don't remember them either, what's the point in all the charades? Unless he had some weird ulterior motive, to which I say, tut tut, sir, you could have had a better delivery than "do you recognize me?"

Damn. Where did all this (admittedly gorgeous) extra jewelry come from and where the fuck am I going to put it all? I'll figure that out later. I wonder if the clearance DVDs at Blockbuster are all gone. The best thing about having a fondness for bad movies is that they usually go on sale pretty quickly, providing tons of wallet-friendly entertainment for you in the long run. I hate when moms give that annoying "don't waste your money on that! Save it!" spiel, and then while you're contemplating whether or not you really need that Previously Viewed $9.99 copy of Hairspray she goes, "well, it's your money. Spend it however you want," leaving you nice and confused. Oh, sod it. I know I leave really soon but this room is simply too much for one woman to handle. Especially one who gets distracted by her bootleg copy of Monster-in-Law.

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