Monday, August 4, 2008

Behind the Wheel of Life

Just another few minutes of peace, please. I know I should spend more time with the family since I'm going back to school soon, but if there were ever a time to sulk quietly, today would be it.

Quickly: I cannot wait for Gossip Girl to come back to me. September 1st, get with it.

Had one of those hellishly annoying days where it seems as if everyone's goal in life is to utterly piss you off. Got into argument with mother about choice of outfit ("Just take off that vest!"). Was feeling rather self-conscious about outfit, but no sooner than I had stepped out of the car did Miss Manners coo, "I love your outfit"? Interns Eazy E and Intern Special K (I can't remember if I've already given her a name and forgotten it but she is quickly becoming my favorite colleague) followed suit: "How cute do you look today?!" Ha. Fermez la bouche, mother! She thinks I dress the way I do just to spite her...pity, most of the time I don't think about her opinion about clothes. It would take too much work and before you know it I'd be dressed like one of those "stylish" middle-aged women. I don't have to dress like a "hip" 40-year-old. I'm a fucking awesome 19-year-old, thanks.

Ugh. If that wasn't enough, I just found out that I've been making illegal left turns for, oh, two weeks. Unfortunately, my lesson came at the honking horns of the other drivers, apparently trying to let me know that my turn was null and void. But sheesh! What if I knew the rule and decided to flout it? Isn't my prerogative to break the law, if I so choose? Drive on, I say!

Last night, Youngest Sister and I added to my canon of horrible films with the melodramatically violent and horrendous Never Back Down. A shitty movie-faceoff between it and Britney's Crossroads would be a draw, but because of the gratuitous amounts of well-muscled, sweaty man-flesh, Never Back Down prevails. Still, a contender for being the Best Worst Movie of Our Time.

You don't have to thank me.


Bobby_2010 said...

I'm not thanking you(wouldn't dream of it). And I hate those annoying days...isn't it funny when the parentals think we can't make a decision without thinking of them...if they only knew...HAHAHA!

You are a total mess by the way!

Lucky said...

Parentals are funny like that, I agree. It's like, "Don't call me. I'll call you"-type of deal...

And I AM something of a mess, I doubly agree!