Saturday, August 16, 2008

Successful Saturday

You'd better not let me down, Barack Hussein.

I'm watching some religious show that both Barack and Old Man McCain are on (not together) and he just said that he believes that his definition of marriage is one between a man and a woman but he also believes in civil unions. And the people in the audience clapped. Oh whatever. Let whoever wants to get married get married, I say. You're still my main man, though, B. And he just got back on my good side by saying that he wouldn't have elected Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. High-five.

This Saturday is shaping up nicely even though have been plagued with nasty bout of grumpy sickness for the past 48 hours. I say so for a few reasons:

a) I entered a contest at the lovely Makeup and Beauty Blog, which I won! My prize came today: Essie's Fall 2008 Collection of (swoon) NAIL POLISH. Yay to me, muchas gracias--I'm sticking to the language I know, okay?!--to Karen from MBB!

2) I--finally!--found the third song from VS that I couldn't find. It took awhile, but thanks to my quick and surreptitious typing on my Blackberry, I was able to jot down some lyrics and Google 'em. Thus, I present you with Kate Nash's "We Get On."

This song is plucky and British. The last three artists I added have been Brit soul singers (Duffy, Adele, and now Kate). I like to think they are Amy Winehouse-inspired. Blimey, crikey, cheerio, and aluminium, lads! Well, lassies. Oh, wait, that's Scottish. Never mind. We know how I am with languages and such.


Bobby_2010 said...

he's starting to kinda scare me!

Lucky said...

LOL. I think I know what you mean but I'd like to hear your point of view, so explain!