Friday, August 15, 2008

Ambien Never Looked So Good

Raise your hand if you are currently:

-Perusing through old blog entries instead of sleeping properly even though you have to go to work tomorrow morning. Double points if you are not looking forward to said work.

-Wondering why your dog is snoring, of all things. (Hello? One of the steadfast consolations of not having a man to occupy your bed has always been, "at least there's no snoring to be dealt with." And now this.)

-Having semi-dirty, completely shameful thoughts about the Runner

-Slightly freaking out because you have nothing to wear to work

-Being a total Singleton: watching Bridget Jones' Diary while wearing a green face mask and sweatpants

-Looking around your room thinking, "Fuck. I have so much cleaning to do before I move back to Southern State in holyshizfivefuckingdays!"

-Now really mad at yourself for blatant irresponsibility that has resulted in aforementioned messy room, insomnia, and empty bed

Will the court please note that my hands are, indeed, waving wildly in the air.


The Young Lady said...

# 4 and # 6 are Me all the way lol

(vixenchick) said...

**raises hand**

I'm totally reading old blog entries now!

Lucky said...

I cringe reading my old writing; in my opinion I used to majorly SUCK. But I hope that's not objectively true..

DBaby said...

u always brighten my day.

Lucky said...

Dbaby, that is my everlasting goal.

Kaitlin said...


reading blog entries... i've lost my writing groove. ugh.

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