Thursday, January 17, 2008

College Ain't No Joke...of this I am sure

It's the second day of school and I am worn out. I've been outside like all day and it's hella cold. Just dropped $100 on a book, and when I called the publisher to see if I could get a cheaper edition, no one answered. If I can, I'm selling it back, ASAP.

We have to post to a blog in my "Investigation" class, and the teacher told us to think of a creative nickname, so I was like, cool. My oh, so creative classmates used names like "ycooper" or "jrobinson1." So when everyone's were listed on the projector screen, all of a sudden my chosen, "theglassesgirl,"looked a little stupid. Hopefully no one was paying that much attention; I only did to see what names people came up with, to see if anyone, you know, didn't use their Spelman username...i guess it's okay that the blog's on politics. i like to think still managed to have my own voice in my comments.

The Oreos in my drawer are rapidly disappearing, to be found in my tummy next to the (good-ass) chicken potpie I had for lunch.

I had another weird dream last night about football, sex, and HSA. Oh, and if that weren't enough, Tex had a cameo, too. I mean, those are just the basics, but holistically speaking, it was a random experience. I'll leave it at that. HSA has got to get out of my subconscious. The Tex thing I'm not even gonna touch on. I have enough to do.

Oh yeah, check it out, ya girl has an article: "Top 7 Reasons We Love Candace Parker." I told y'all I got stuff done.

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