Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Double Life

Sittin' in the airport, at gate A17 express flight to Atlanta, Georgia. It's hot as hell in this terminal, too...real quick, that God for small victories that the skycap lady didn't weigh my bags when i checked in, and i shuffled off as fast as i could before she could weigh them and undoubtedly charge me for having overweight luggage 'cause thems was some heavy suitcases...

I wrote my article (just one. i'm not Superwoman) at like 1:00am and sent it and my editor sent my an email this morning singing my praises. we'll see if it makes it into publication before getting all happy. i'll post the link if it does get published.

People are lining up at the boarding desk and i'm on the phone with my little sister. I miss her already. Seriously, though, why are they in line? WTF? I didn't hear a call to board or anything...they just got here maybe they're flying standby. When i was a flying newbie i would mistakenly check in twice, first at roadside check-in, then i would wait in the always long-ass line at the gate and show the chick at the desk my boarding pass. And they'd just look at it and give it back; i thought they were just rude, not that i had wasted 20 minutes in line that could have been spent chowing down at Burger King and she took pity on me by not laughing in my face. But again, those were the old days, i'm much wiser now. Now i listed to my iPod 'til it's time. and invariably eat something while i wait. old habits and all that.

Okay, i'm confused. he's talking to the check-in guy and people are still standing around. There are chairs around! Well, sort of, everyone's junk takes up the seat around them and you don't really want to sit next to stranger and all of their crap unless you really have to. so i guess i understand that. damn i'm hungry. all i had was a donut and an apple and that was 3 hours ago. General Hospital's on--oh, it's the boarding call. Gotta go! not cute to miss your flight when you've been waiting for awhile. that's just dumb and frankly, poor planning on your part.

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