Monday, January 14, 2008

Ridiculous. Just Ridiculous

It is the wrong side of 1:30pm on Monday, and I leave sometime tomorrow (I can't even remember my flight time). My room is an utter disaster and 2 articles need to be written. Well, scratch that; I've made an executive decision to ix-nay one of them if I don't have time. Still, the hour grows late and my to-do-list is long as hell still. I still have to watch last week's Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy!

We saw the movie Juno last night. It was surprisingly good. Not just 4-stars in the paper, good, but really funny and poignant. If anything, I'll get the soundtrack. Y'all know I have obscure music tastes...Saturday night, however, we saw First Sunday. That was funny, too, but in a slapstick, whole theater's rollin' type of funny. If it wasn't for Katt Williams, though, it would have been awful. Also, the ending was a little funky, but remember it's just for entertainment, moral undertones be damned (I'm probably gonna get it on bootleg. There's your morality lesson) . So there, two movies for your viewing pleasure. Speaking of movies, really quickly, I can't find a copy of Barbershop 2 anywhere! It's starting to bother me; when not even the Holy Grail of entertainment and leisure (Best Buy) doesn't have something, you get concerned. And when the Wal-mart of the North doesn't have it (Target), you wonder whether or not it ever really existed in the first place.

Quick shout out to Sistah Girl, Motown Lover, and Top Chef: Welcome to the blog and see ya'll soon!


Bobby_2010 said...

Lo-Lo you are funny!! Match your panties and your your ish together!!! I understand...I didn't even sleep before I left home this time, I had the BFF come over and talk to me while I cleaned and packed...we also made some dvds(see, I understand your morality lesson ;-O). Check out my latest's all about Michigan...I have a new-found respect for Michiganders!!

Lauren said...

what are you talking about, you're crazy..