Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year's, everybody.

Let's skip the "what i'm gonna do differently" part, or at least save it for later, shall we? Around Christmas, too close if you ask me, one of my dear friends lost her mother. i found out like 4 days later. just a horrible, awful, can't-find-an-adjective situation. i don't want to smother her so i just sent her a text, but i want to show my support. it's so hard to know what to do, what will make an impact and what won't. just a bad situation.

Last night i had an odd dream. First off, I was an Ohio State fan (just writing that pains me). Next, a very interesting person was in it. A guy from high school with whom i had more ups and downs than Cedar Point in its entirety. He played football, so I shall name him High School Athlete (working title). what was weird was that at the end of the game, him and i shared a long hug and an innuendo-filled conversation about, well, the action to which the "tongue-in-the-cheek" gesture refers (ahem). i woke up quite confused. i mean, i understand where the dream came from because before i fell asleep i had both watched the Rose Bowl and fantasized about Nate Parker, one of the actors in the movie "The Great Debaters," which was absolutely excellent, by the way. but it was weird because i hadn't thought about HSA in a long time, not since we finally made peace at the Senior All-Night Party, at around 4am under a lamppost on the side of the student parking lot. just reminiscing, here, about what was and what could have been. he was, of course, the subject of many a post on this very blog. i'm cool now, though. he's a pleasant part of my past, where he belongs.

College Bowl Week has made me crave a strapping young athlete to call my own. 'cause damn, they are fine.

Things I Like Am Obsessed With Now:
1. Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency-I need a Brian Kehoe in my life, i have decided.
2. "Love Song" by Sara Barielles-heard it on a commercial, fell in love, now it's on my Ipod (well it would be, if i could find the cord that connects the Ipod to my computer)
3. OPI Nail Polish in Russian Navy-Christmas present, makes me insanely happy and sophisticated-looking, which is always a plus.
4. Re-invention-okay, okay, maybe it's the New Year, but i really am going to try and work on not looking like such a schlub and adding more color to my wardrobe and whatnot.
5. Really, truly, happy couples-just because they are so cute to watch.

i want to get a haircut. or at least bangs and a color. or something, i need to shake things up! i have a phone interview tomorrow. i'm a little scared, my last one didn't work out. i may wear my business suit, just to get in the right mindset...

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