Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hey everybody!

First off, this is my new blog, I suggest you read my old one a little bit so I don't sound like a complete whack job. But, to save you some trouble,I added some previous posts and I'll link to old ones if, in these new entries, there's a name or experience with which you might be unfamiliar. 'Cause I love y'all that much. But anyway, here's today's post. By the by, leave lots of comments, I loves to chat...

Honey, the words ain't flowing like i need them to be. or, like one of my many new bosses needs them to be, seeing as it's his deadline i'm trying to meet. I guess I'm just not in a writing mood, or i've bitten off more than i can chew, which doesn't happen too often. see, about a week ago, i sent dozens of emails to various publications and companies looking for freelance work and summer internships. the only reason i did so many was because it's a numbers game and the more you send out, the bigger chance you have of getting a response. what i didn't bank on was the possibility of about 15 positive responses flooding my inbox within a few days. now, unwittingly, i'm writing for 2 online publications and have another article due for Phase 2 of the application process. and of course all of the articles are due about the same day. it's sunday afternoon, the NFL is on tv, and i'm still in my PJs. lazy much? work that you love shouldn't feel like work, and yet, it's feeling pretty much like a huge pile of labor that i have to get through in two days. all i was looking for when i sent out those emails was the guarantee that i would be doing something productive over the summer, preferably in another city (ahem, NYC). not to say that i'm not grateful for the (uh, unpaid) work, but i want the experience, too; it's not just about gathering clips, i want to actually see the work and play a role in the production, even as an intern. okay, change in subject...

i'm flying back to Atlanta on Tuesday. i have a mountain of laundry to do still. but i'm looking forward to going back to school. i vow to do better this semester. not to mention, i've got new glasses and my hair is now streaked with Sunny Auburn, and i've been doing yoga. so yeah, if it were just about looks, i'm 100% ready (well, i still need my eyebrows done, lol). however:

1. classes are gonna be no joke this semester
2. there are a lot of things i want to accomplish/improve
3. the Runner has still not called. it will be interesting when we get back, 'cause we were on the road to something significant before his weird behavior ensued. we might have to move on from this one. and no, i have not, nor will i, break my resolve and call first. those days are over.

and plus, i don't even like him like that.

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