Sunday, January 27, 2008

If You Really Love Me

This post is being written over a lazy breakfast...the only lazy moments that I will get all day. Last night me and the girls went to the "Stomping Frat" party, which was SO much fun. Let it be known, I will party with them any day (or night). And it was cheap. But honey there were things to see there. And people to see. And parts of people that I wish I hadn't seen. We all danced with different dudes, and Roommate even got a number! He texted her last night. Well, me, because she didn't know what to say and unfortunately, flirting whilst texting is my forte. We shall see what becomes of this, it's just a kiki (a kiki is just someone who's there for a free and clear purpose of aimless flirting. Some might say that the Runner was the ultimate kiki. I say he doesn't exist) or, who knows? They could date and be cute and stuff! But I digress. At parties, I find that dancing with tall, muscle-y guys who know what they're doing is the best. Especially this one guy during the "slow-jams" part of the party (my favorite). He was nice and he put his arms around me during a break in the music. I danced with this skinny guy but it felt like I was gonna knock him over after dancing with two bigger guys before him. And this other guy was good and a little crazy but I think he spilled his beer on me. When it was time to leave, this other drunk frat guy threw his arms around me--and he was not light, and I was wearing heeled boots--from behind and said some stuff. It was harmless and funny as hell.

Roommate and I crashed at about 5am, me in my clothes 'cause I couldn't bear putting my clubbed-out body in my clean pajamas. Which meant that I woke up this morning with my eyelashes stuck together LOL. Then, oh, the scandal, involving last night's plans and an away message. I shan't get into it, but it's silly.

Oh! How could I forget. I did make it to Battle of the Bands with Childhood Friend. He made me lie to the security person so I could get to the lower-level seats. More of our old hijinks, of course. The problem was, we were sitting in other people's seats. Our luck ran out after 3 tries, when these rude men told us to "Get the f**k out" of their seats. I know, right?! So I turn around to pick a fight, but CF drags me up the stairs. We ended up walking around:

Me: "Just think, when we tell the folks back home, this will be funny."
CF: "Yeah, you're right. But not right now."
Me: "Maybe later on."
CF: "Maybe tonight, after a few drinks this will be funny, but not right now."

He makes me laugh.

Now I'm trying to unearth myself from the massive mound of studying and writing that is currently on top of me. And still thinking about those fine Stomping Frat Boys. And wondering where I' m going to find clean clothes to wear this week. And just realizing that I have even more work to do than I anticipated. I feel a stream of curse words coming on.

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