Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random Musings from the First Day of School

whew, that was a long-ish day. finally i'm back with my homegirls, we've been talking for hours already, like we never left!

damn, I had a lot of stuff to recall but i forgot due to an excess of Twizzlers, Oreos, pretzels, and conversations about sex. Speaking of, I missed dinner and I'm hungry and it's freezing out...

Let's see...there are so many annoying people in my Shakespeare class it's borderline sad. Seriously, if any person who ever bothered me walked in the classroom, I'd be like, "Sigh. There's another one. Join the party." My one class at Morehouse will probably be cool, but maybe it was because I was I thought I looked like a streetwalker (skinny jeans and almost knee-high boots. Black leather, of course). Well, maybe from a high-class bordello as opposed your everyday hooker. So we'll see. The first day of class at Spelman is tantamount to a fashion show. I thought about wearing sweats to you know, fight the power. but desire for cuteness won out. but tomorrow is another story-- honey, it's snowing outside. I know, right?! Snow, in Atlanta? I coulda sworn I just left the Capital of all that is Cold when I left Michigan!

Cali Girl was the only one who had the proper reaction when I told her that the Runner hadn't called over break:
"What?" CG asked incredulously. "He didn't call at all?"
"Not once! It's the principle, right? You should finish something you start."
"Yeah! So what, you were just his Atlanta floosy?!"

Any conversation that involves the term "Atlanta floosy" is alright with me.

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