Saturday, January 19, 2008

The View from Saturday

Girl, i'm exhausted.

The day started at 11a with a Pilates class; fun with Cali Girl and Sista Girl (yay? nay?) at the Studio Lotus. Glad that we braved the (albeit beautiful and picturesque) snowstorm to go. Even if we did go to Burger King afterwards. The Roommate was in South Carolina all day, rallying her little heart out with Students for Barack Obama. All I need, on the other hand, is a "Barack is my Homeboy" t-shirt.

Spent long-ass time at Top Chef's (frankly, I'm not that creative and this nickname business is wearing me out) house, playing Cranium before we all got tired of Humdingers and Data Slam or whatevs. Finally met a boy who doesn't love ANTM, praise the Lord.

Of course ended up at CG/SG's house later to finally watch the latest "One Tree Hill" and give Charley the dog a bath. Fun times, yo. But now I'm in my room instead of at the tapas lounge with the homies 'cause I'm worn out for real. Currently watching Barbershop and relaxing, about to snuggle up and watch The Great Debaters with Nate Parker's fine self. Speaking of Barbershop, What ever happened to Sean Patrick Thomas?

Oh yeah, we did have pizza and a movie last night. 27 Dresses was just ok; funny but a little underdeveloped. Katie Heigl was uber-cute, though. Random: when I find out that someone I like or admire smokes, it makes me like them a little bit less. I feel guilty, but I can't help thinking of their yellow teeth and barbecued lungs, not to mention the weakness it takes to maintain such an unhealthy habit. BTW, I just had the word "barbecued" spell-checked; since when is there no "Q"? WTF? Where the hell did the abbreviation "BBQ" come from? Perplexing. Utterly perplexing.

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Bobby_2010 said...

I don't love ANTM...I only watched that because I thought ya'll wanted to watch it!!! But anyway, I need to borrow both of those asap!! and I understand about that smoking bit(why do people still START smoking??)