Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Used to Have the *NSYNC Christmas CD

merry Christmas and happy holidays, ya'll

keeping it short, just a few comments from the festivities:

-yesterday, on Christmas, my cousin announced that she and her husband are expecting. it was so absolutely, unbelievably adorable. it made me look forward to the day when i can look my hubby knowingly in the eye, then turn to my mom and say, "Mommy, I'm having a baby!" plus in the CVS parking lot i saw a dad and his three kids and the first thing i thought was "ohh, i can't wait to start a family..."

-if someone could tell me just what, exactly, Kim Kardashian (sp? like i care?) does for a living, i would greatly appreciate it. and being an heiress is no longer a suitable occupation because as far as i'm concerned, you didn't do anything to acquire your wealth, your dad did. not the same thing. just admit it. just be like "yeah, i know i'm loaded, no need to front like i'm pursuing modeling or acting, i just happen to be rich without really doing anything. just in case you're wondering. i know." it would make half the people i see on TV much more tolerable if they would just admit that they don't have day jobs.

-although i'm always grateful to get clothing with the team logo on it as a display of my everlasting loyalty to the Pistons, i hate the downside, the fact that people get me clothes that were probably made for a man and have the L or XL size tag to prove it. and i have yet to meet the woman who wears too-big logo'd gear a) after the 90s and 2) not look she's supposed to be at home sick.

-New Year's is just around the corner, i'm looking forward to making delicious, promising New Year's resolutions.

not feeling too good on this glorious Boxing Day, so i'm off to watch the Pistons. and no, i will not be watching in my oversize Pistons sweatshirt. i do have other clothing (plus, i don't like to jinx the team by wearing my regalia unless they are losing).

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