Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just Between Us

Whew. Today is finally coming to a close, which is a blessing. Just went for a quick "late-night" food run to Wendy's and Burger King. And Krispy Kreme. Girl, if sex is as good as a hot KK donut, well, damn. I had two in the backseat, they were toe-curling delish.

I am realizing the importance of loving yourself and being able to accept help if you ask for it.

I've been called fearless. I like it.

I just want to sleep. Not to sound depressed or anything, but I'm just tired! I don't have much to do tomorrow, so I might crawl into bed early tonight into blissful, abandoned sleep. Maybe because I haven't gotten that much sleep in the past few days (nights), and I have gone nowhere near the gym, either, which makes me, like, hate myself. I feel like sh*t when I don't work out.

My iPod has been doing heroic work for the past few days. Under "Recently Added" is "How You Gonna Act Like That," "Sweet Lady," and "Lately," by Tyrese, "So Anxious" and "In Those Jeans" by Ginuwine, and "Your Body" by Pretty Ricky. Theme: the 90's, duh! LOL--y'all know those 90's/2000's R&B love songs were the best...

Me and Roommate were just looking at the gazillion pictures that I have online, and we realized how colossally ugly we were freshman year. Oh, we had our cute periods, but mostly it was just Ack! What the hell was I thinking/why did you hang out with me during my unfortunate hippie-skirt-over-jeans-with-a-sweatshirt phase?! But prayerfully, things have changed. My, how we laughed at those pictures. Randomly, there is not one picture of me and the Runner. But there was none of me and Tex, or "SuperBowl Boy," either (let's not go there). Oddly there's one of me and Science Guy.

Thanks to the temperamental weather, exposure, and probably a stress-related circumstance, I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat and cough that has not gone away with Rapid Blast, Advil, and cough drops. Yuck. But this raspy voice is kind of interesting...

Damn it, why can't I ever get to bed on time? It's so annoying. I have a date with Tyrese in Dreamland tonight, and now I'm gonna be late! How will I ever make it up to him??

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