Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Long and Fruitful Life

Don't stone me! Don't send me to the gallows! I know I've been ghost, well, it feels like I've been. I've been super-duper busy and therefore tired as all get-out. But I did see all the comments everyone left about the letter and I appreciate them. When you're embarking on a soul-searching revolution (oh yes, it's that big), it helps to have a cheering section.

Anywho, I will say that Monday was a particular brand of bitch. I interned at the station from 10 until 5, drove home, changed clothes, and went to VS to help set up for the monumental sale we have every year. I love this sale, I have spent copious amounts of dollars at that sale. But I had no idea how much work it takes to put it together. Just like I had no idea we'd be there until 6:30AM setting up the store. By the end, I was a zombie. All I remember is my fried brain being like, "Blah blah Appletini yaddy yaddah Halo perfume it's hot as hell in this store Very Sexy hoo-hah so tired yakkety-yak can i go home now?" And then I had to come back to the store at noon to work again. You do the math. It was a lot.

I will be up at that sale using my discount, though. There are pieces from the Sexy Little Things, Body, and Angels collections with my name all over them. And I haven't even gotten to the Beauty department yet! There is serious work to be done, yo.

Interning is a refreshing change because the work is kind of spread out. Like I spent today on wikipedia looking up various assassinations, just because my work was done and I had nothing else to do. I covered Lincoln, JFK, Diana Princess of Wales, and John Lennon for good measure. Next time I might make it to Jimmy Hoffa and Selena, or the story of the Russian royal family, you know, the one that Disney movie Anastasia was based on. Fun times.

I'm also sad to report that Honey the hamster is no longer with us. She was Little Sister's responsibility, but she spent most of her life in her cage, doing her own thing. She was cute. I'd take her out occasionally. But, ah, Honey, I hardly knew ye. Rest in peace, my furry little friend.

This was back when she was just a little chicken nugget of a thing. She grew to about the size of a small Nerf ball.

Tomorrow is Middle Sister's birthday. I hope it goes better than her last birthday, when we got into a huge fight. You know the kind. The type you only have with your family members, that you don't even like to think about because the awful memory of the things each person said is enough to bring tears to your eyes? Yeah, it was one of those. So let's wish for better things, shall we?

Funny story. My Intern Boss passed around his camera because there was a picture of "some guy...everyone wanted a picture of him. Does anyone know who he is?" No one knew, and finally I asked to see it. It was a picture of the (tall and sexy) actor Boris Kodjoe, who apparently had stopped by the effing studio earlier that day! I was like, are you kidding? They had never heard of him or seen him at all. I had to pull up his Imdb listing. He's so tall, they thought he was a third-string Piston. SMH.

After my last post, I feel like I have to top that one with an even better one, and feel as if I'm failing miserably, LOL. Y'all will just have to settle for regular ole Lucky today. Other than being extremely tired yet happy be be bloggin' again, I'm just sailin' along.


DBaby said...

I know you're ready to kick your own ass over missing Boris.

Lucky said...

ok? that tall glass of fineness just passed me by and i didn't even know it!