Friday, April 25, 2008

But Now I'm Tired

Ahh, the life as a sportswriter. Living on the road, living and breathing the game, really expensive food if you don't have a press pass...

An editor/instructor just walked by and he said that he was "impressed" because he thinks I'm writing my story that's due tomorrow. As we can see, I'm not. Oh, wait...two more editors just passed...the two most intimidating, hardball ones...they commended me, too. I am subverting the system under the radar.

Yes, there is a cute guy here. A few, in fact. One's like 6-7 and we know me and tall men. I shall name him Mr. Tall for short. Hahaha, I said, "for short." The only drawback is that he's a Philly 76ers fan. Terribly unfortunate. But how's this for some T: last night, he stayed in the hotel room of a girl from his school who's a part of the Boot Camp, too. He doesn't even have a room here, for whatever reason. *side eye glance with a raised eyebrow* Now I'm just being messy, lol.

The boot camp alternates from being intimidating, intense, and boring. Most of the people are nice, but can turn real "tenured prof who doesn't give a damn" on you. Well, this one editor can and did. She was with "President" Bush on 9/11, by random coincidence. So you know she's unf*ckwitable. Also, she said that that picture with Dubya reading the book upside down was Photoshopped. She knows, y'all. She was there.

Anyway, there are tons of cool writers here, including this one beat writer from the Detroit Free Press, and a writer from ESPN: The Magazine. Hello, dream job?!? Hence the networking. I'd be a complete and utter fool if I didn't take advantage of these people. But easier said than done.

During the workshops, I kept zoning out. In my defense, a) we had to be in the hotel lobby at 7:30am. Enough said. I was 20 minutes late today LOL. 2) The sessions were effing long, dude! I even fell asleep a couple of times. I know. For shame, Lucky. But mostly I kept daydreaming. What ifs, how comes, I wonder whats.

Oh, yeah, did I mention how much I love the pool-sized bed in my single hotel room?! I practically squealed with delight rolling around that cushy trampoline! I slept like a baby. The only thing was that I don't take up that much space so the vastness of the bed made me alternate between feeling incredibly lush and indulgent and giggly, and sort of wishing that I had someone to share it with. No shade whatsoever. I'm not used to big beds, okay? Cut me a break ;) Of course I took a picture. Will edit post to include it later.

Right now I'm about to take a shower (loves my own bathroom, too, yo), cuddle up in The Bed, and work on my story/fix my Itunes. Will be back at school tomorrow night. This mini-vacation was fun while it lasted! And despite warnings from my Newswriting teacher, this was a bit of a vacay. I can turn anything into a vacation. Hell, I was one step away from ordering room service (on his American Express). But that's just mean.

The incredibly nice concierge whose daughter is an alumni from My College just came over and told me I was "working too hard"! I feel bad now, lol. Maybe I should be working for real. Well, writing is writing. Look at blogging as my "independent freelance gig." Because pouring my heart and soul out for y'all's entertainment is not, quite frankly, a game.

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