Wednesday, April 9, 2008

For Future Reference

So yeah. Today, I just needed someone to talk to. Face to face, or hell, phone to ear; not virtual but actual. Several people kinda missed the boat on that one today...

FFFFFFFFUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK (bear with me). This blog was supposed to be pretty much uncensored. I hate feeling like I need to censor myself.

(For general future reference) I Cannot Tolerate Those Who Are: judgmental and/or inconsiderate of others.

That's why I love my dog. She has but one expression: canine. She'll never repeat a word, and most importantly, she won't judge. No questions, no contingency, no stipulations.

See? Precious is just a-listening to my tales, attentive and unbiased as only a non-human can be. No smirk or *side eye* glance at what I have to say, nothing but a doggy smile and a cuddly body.

Actually, I just thought about it. My main problem is isolation from people who I should confide in but can't. If I had someone who I just knew would be in my corner in the event that I need him or her, no matter what I said/did, I wouldn't have any problems, negating the need for that shoulder to lean on. Does that make sense? I'd just need to know that you're there.

I got a call this afternoon from the Sports Journalism Boot Camp at North Carolina A&T; they offered me a spot. Basically, it's about 3 days of intensive sports journalism training, and there were only 24 spots for HBCU students, 4 of which went to the [Brother School's] Journalism and Sports students. So I guess it's a pretty big feat for me, seeing as, well, I don't go to said school. So that's righteously righteous, I suppose. Internet, y'all might be the only ones who will congratulate me properly (except for the people I haven't told, like Top Chef. He'd probably be excited for me). I haven't even told my parents yet. The last time I told them about an internship that I won, they were less than enthused, and I couldn't go. So I'm savoring it a little longer this time.

On a lighter note, I tried like 3 times to skip class today, but it kept on not working! I totally shouldn't have gone to Basic Newswriting. Or Spanish. Or Renaissance Lit. But alas, I found myself wasting a gorgeous day inside a classroom. I haven't even been on my daily round of gossip blogs since 10am, and I didn't even get to finish!! Today was busy. Tomorrow, hopefully, will be easier. Maybe I'll swing by to see TC and Motown Lover. They're always good for a laugh.

Me, Roommate, Cali Girl, and Charley the dog went to pet training today. Sexy Petsmart Worker was there, being sexy with his dreadlocks and jokes. Very funny business ensued involving a comically huge training collar, a stake, and a guinea pig. Not at the same time, though. But entertaining nonetheless.

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