Monday, April 7, 2008


This self-reflection business is no joke. My head is full of random thoughts about myself, others, the state of my fingernails, my future, things like that. And a thought or two about the Boy would just pop up every once in a while. True randomness fo' real.

Maybe I'm making it up but today I felt a weird s p a c e between me and Cali Girl. And almost between me and Roommate. Maybe I'm making it up. I really, really hope it's all in my head.

If your text messages go unanswered by enough people, don't you start to wonder whether or not your phone's working? I do. Is that weird? Slightly arrogant to assume that people have nothing else to do than respond to an SMS? Probably so. But still! Okay, okay, it's silly. I'm stopping today. Just because I don't have a life doesn't mean other people don't. I keed, I keed. I have a great life.

I totally worked out today. I'm proud of myself. I kept staring at my legs in the mirror across from my treadmill, and was actually quite impressed and somewhat captivated by the pull and stretch of the muscles. They looked strong and capable, which they are. There's not a whole lot of bad that I can say about my legs. I think they're pretty great (as far as legs go), and even if they weren't, they're the only pair I've got; no use in complaining about them. More people should adapt that philosophy when it comes to body image, I think, if not other aspects.

This post feels a little uninspired. I'm tired, maybe that's why. A bit of homework and a shower, and I just might turn in early tonight. Ha. More like, I'll pass out after posting this, wake up at 10p, get distracted, and won't fall asleep until half past 2. Let's be real.


Cara said...

It does sound like you have quite a lot of stuff on your mind. Here's hoping things start to look brighter for you.



Lucky said...

Thanks, Cara!

It's not as dire as it sounds; I can be a little melodramatic sometimes, lol. I'm trying to change my perspective and go back to being more laid-back, so things actually are looking up for me :)