Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Almost Forgot

Remember when I said that "" was more environment-friendly? Well, turns out, it's not. According to an article that Sistah Girl found, blackle is only effective with CRT monitors, which are pretty much outdated. With LCD monitors, found in most computers/laptops/whatever, it actually takes more energy to produce the black background than the colored one of Google fame. I will look it up myself later when I am in need of something to help me procrastinate, but yeah, unless you're stuck with a 1980s-style comp, I'm pretty sure it's safe to go back to the Googlemeister. Oh, Google, how could I ever have forsaken thee?! Never again, my love. Never again.


Cara said...

Hi hun,

When I read about how your friend makes great Peach Cobbler in your previous post, I couldn't help but remember this episode:


Lucky said...

The video has been deleted :(
I'm sure 'twas funny, though!

Anonymous said...

Test conducted by Google itself has proven that Blackle may save little energy with CRT monitors but will actually increase energy consumption with LCD monitors.

Because of this misconception, it has created a easy money making business for the creator of Blackle. It has been estimated by many SEOs that he should be pocketing over thousands of dollars each day from google ads.

Also it is very obvious that Blackle is violating Google’s TOS and adsense policy, “Publishers are not permitted to make prominent use of ‘Google Brand Features’”.

I personally think it is so unfair for other publishers that are putting huge amount of times and effort into writing quality contents for website to attract visitors and increase their income from adsense, while someone just violate the adsense policy and Google isn’t doing anything about it.

If anyone agree with me and want to stop Blackle, then just visit Google’s adsense violation contact form and lodge your complaint about Blackle. STOP BLACKLE!

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Lucky said...

I was under the impression that Google actually owned Blackle, thus not taking any money from the former. I could be wrong, however.

Ah, the importance of doing your research!