Thursday, April 10, 2008

One Last Nightcap

Well, it ain't 2:30.

I don't like going to bed unhappy. And yet, here I am.

Have you ever felt like, no matter what you do, you seem to get in everyone's way? Or like you are totally expendable and it wouldn't change things in the least if you were to just disappear or be replaced? Not even in a vain, I-need-attention way, just a basic, human need to feel acknowledged-kind of way. I hate when I get like this, all victim-y; but I can't help the way I feel. This is why I don't cry anymore. It's a sign of weakness and helplessness not being able to "change my situation by changing my mind" or whatever. I'm not weak, I swear. I just happen to be a little sad right now. Indulge me.


Bobby_2010 said... me when you get outta class!! I need to speak with you!!

Cara said...

Hun, I am bit worried about you right now.

Drop me a line if you can:



The Girl With the Golden Heart said...

Hey, we need to talk. Es muy importante!!!