Saturday, April 12, 2008

Take a Picture

'Cause today is a good day. It's Saturday. Yes, I have homework and an application due. But I am happy. I'm not questioning it or trying to figure out why. Although maybe I should so I can call on that feeling more often, huh?

Right now I'm in between obligations, just finished a loooong reading assignment, and am taking a break before the next one. Watching "Stomp the Yard" with Roommate on Cali Girl's bed. A little hungry.

Yesterday was a gloriously hot day, and also My College's Founder's Day, which meant lots of people and activities, which were fun. Watched "Juno," which I may do again this afternoon. Later we're going to a charity event, Dance Marathon, which should be fun.

I'm trying to follow my heart more now. I get this way when the weather gets warmer. I try to do what I want and what I like on my own instead of depending on others. Stay tuned on how this works out!

Funny snippet from yesterday's convo (via text messaging):
Me: Babe, stop sending me one-word texts!
Him: ok

This post feels a little un-dramatic...a welcome change, if you ask me. Happy Saturday :)

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Cara said...

Glad to hear you've got so many lovely things lined up for the weekend.

Happy Saturday to you too.