Friday, April 4, 2008

Save the World

Checkin' in before I have to cover a Georgia Force game (Arena Football. Uncharted territory) tonight.

I recently got a tip from a Glamour magazine blog on how to live a lil' greener: use instead of Google. It saves energy because there's no color on the site. Didn't think about it, huh? Now, now, I love the Googs with my heart and soul, too, but rest easy, y'all. Blackle's powered by Google so the search engine results are the same. I actually used Blackle this morning and thought it was pretty cool. If I could figure out how to switch the automatic search engine on my toolbar, it'd be easier.

We had a mini-discussion in Basic Newswriting about the Lebron/Gisele Vogue cover today, randomly. This one guy in my class' comments annoyed me. He said, basically, that Lebron "probably isn't that smart because he's just a basketball player. He didn't go to college. No offense to any sports fans." I wanted to slap him. Far be it for me to say anything in Lebron's defense, ever, but I hate stereotypes, especially ones related to athletics, double-especially from people who don't know what the hell they're talking about...In my annoyance, and because he tries to randomly start conversations with me, I am tempted to name him Well-Meaning but Creepy and Annoying Guy, but I'll hold off.

Laundry Watch 2008 continues. Hopefully everything will be made right tomorrow. I am down to my last bra. This is getting ridiculous. Also hopefully I will finish in the daytime, I believe I do have plans Saturday evening that require clothing.

This weekend should be interesting. I feel it. Oh, wow, I have a shitload of homework so before anything "interesting" can happen I should probably get that out of the way. Wouldn't want silly things like "classes" or "homework" get in the way of a true college experience.


(vixenchick) said...

Hi. I like your blog! I'm on my last clean bra, too.! :)

(vixenchick) said...

P.S.- Thanx for putting me on your blog roll! :)

Lucky said...

welcome :)

i am happy to announce that Laundry Watch is over! thsnk the Lord, right!