Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Cups of My Brain Spilleth Over

Ah, nothing like a relaxing day spent plopped out on the various cushy, horizontal sitting apparatuses of my house. Somewhere in between "Living Single" reruns, doing my nails, and scarfing down the delicacy that is peanut butter-and Saltine cracker-sandwiches, I managed to swing by CNN and check out the numbers. Satisfied that Barack is, indeed, raining on them hoes, I happily switched back over to the "Deion and Pilar" marathon and went about my business (Pilar is great and has a banging body but homegirl cannot dress). And surfed the web for "Obama is my homeboy" t-shirts.

I think I might want a baseball or football player as a husband. Because if I married a basketball player, I might have to switch to supporting whatever team he plays for, which would result in the media branding me a "turncoat" or "treacherous wife" because there's no way I would ever switch my loyalty. Baseball and football are pretty much neutral to me (save the New England Patriots), thus avoiding that problem.

Or, hell, I'll just take him:

Yum. As a matter of fact, when you have soccer players, wrestlers and runners, who needs basketball players, anyway? (Unless it's my boo Al Horford, of course).

Update: Oh, my God, I just found his blog (the guy pictured above, not Al's)! Jesus be a Google search! But what should I do with this vital information?? I feel like I've stumbled upon gold...

This afternoon was a rainy one. Rainy and cozy, just how I like it. I burrowed in the basement, my favorite room in the house, to watch "Under the Tuscan Sun" with a blanket, in the dark, and ended up falling asleep. I haven't slept in the middle of the afternoon in awhile, and now I'll be up for hours. Which is bad because I have to get up early (again) to go to the TV Station. Tomorrow will be (should be) better because I'll actually be doing stuff. Because I swear, if they have me just hanging out, watching other people work, I'm busting out my Ipod and a magazine.

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