Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm Just Sayin'

I'm watching Madea's Family Reunion right now after work, the scene where Lisa and her abusive fiance, Carlos are at the restaurant on a double-date, and he's all, "I love death," and basically threatening her. Not to trivialize her struggle, but girl, did you forget that you are a grown-ass woman!? You definitely could have been like, "Yeah...I'm not going home with you tonight, buddy, I'm going with our friends. Matter of fact, we're finished and go to hell." Just a suggestion.

Now it's the Frankie and Vanessa "happy in love" montage. Boris Kodjoe is gorgeous even with that ri-damn-diculous Afro wig. Stupid co-workers! Not telling me that he stopped by the studio!

Speaking of work, Website Girl's intern was doing a phone interview next to me, and I wasn't really paying attention until I heard her say, "So, do you ever get to work directly with Kimora?" Kimora?? As in, Lee Simmons?!?!?! Turns out Curly-Haired Intern was interviewing a Baby Phat designer (who only rarely sees KLS, by the way). Still, that was enough for me. WG's interns are their own well-dressed little clique. I could try a little harder to make conversation. Maybe I'm just jealous because they have, I dunno, things to do. Even though I might have an interview with a local rapper soon, thanks to Website Girl. She's actually not bad. Just really busy, I guess.

I really dig that song by Carrie Underwood "Before He Cheats." The worst thing I ever did to an a-hole ex was...I mean, it was more playfully mischievous than bad, I didn't "scratch my key into the side/of a pretty little souped-up/4-wheel drive" like Carrie did, but, well, never mind. Heh.

There were these shirtless guys playing basketball across the street when I came home this afternoon. Okay, okay, I got an eyeful. Oh, whatever. Like you wouldn't have looked.

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