Friday, June 27, 2008

Some Things I Have Learned

Work was actually fun. Favorite Co-Worker was there, and she and I gossiped the day away amidst the leopard-print bustiers and whatnot (God our merchandise is so cute). Boy advice and stuff. Apparently she poured out her heart and soul and he still acted an ass. Abort! Abort! But of course I didn't say that because when well-meaning people would tell me to "Just stop talking to him and move on to someone who wants what you want," it made me do the exact opposite. It ain't easy, girls always want to give him another chance or the benefit of the doubt. Maybe one day some advanced civilization of women will be able to be like, "He didn't call? Fine. Eff him, delete that number, and let's move on!" But we are light-years away from that kind of strength.

As it turns out, an Oreo and Wavy Lays potato chip-sandwich is a mighty tasty little treat. Yum. But dammit, I'm still hungry. If anyone has some chicken lo mein with a Snickers Ice Cream Bar and a big, soft pretzel on the side, we could be in business. Throw in a Sprint Blackberry Curve for $250, and I'm yours for life.

I know, I know, what a cheap date I am.

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