Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Worth it, I Swear

A few lil' tidbits:

-I am still searching for the Blackberry C. I've been on Craigslist for God knows how long sending out emails. One guy just texted me saying that his had been sold. Yay for the quick response, boo for the bad news. And plus, after he told me, he went all, "So, how's your night?" and tried to, like, have a convo! Sir, sir, sir, no. I don't want to have to throw you in the douchebag file, but please don't force my hand.

-The BET Awards were mildly entertaining, moreso than the foolywangery of years past and of other BET events, like the fuckery that was this year's Spring Bling. Of course Chris and Rihanna were there:

(This is them rehearsing, even though they performed separately. Boy, you so professional! Who am I kidding? I'd still hit.)

When he performed "Take You Down," I literally (and slightly embarrassingly) screamed. And the camera totally panned to Rihanna, who was in the audience and, of course, cheering for her man. When Rihanna performed, Captain Obvious Camera got a shot of Chris singing along while she performed "Take A Bow." I almost passed out from the cuteness of it all. Of course RiRi's outfit was fly as hell, too. Swoon. Al Green's performance of Love and Happiness was possibly the best moment of the show; no one can cue the black backyard barbecue-style dancing in the aisles quite like Reverend Al (FYI: this is an old clip, but you get the idea). I can't wait to see tomorrow's blogosphere's rundown of the event. Unfortunately I will be at TV Station, but I just know the recaps on YBF and Crunk and Disorderly will provide hours of relaxing, entertaining enjoyment when I get home. And I just know the stans are ready to rip Beyonce a new one for not performing like she was rumored to. I'm over her anyway. Girl, bye!

-I need to find something to wear to internship tomorrow. Because the weather around here infamous for changing on a dime, it could either be ridiculously hot or furiously rainy. Le sigh.

-Sidenote: In the very near future I think I might "redecorate" this blog. 'Tis time for a change, no?

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