Saturday, June 7, 2008


Well, not really. Just pure comedy. I don't usually entertain publicity stunts or that "infotainment" stuff, but this video I just could not resist. The TV show basically puts "Z-Listers" completely on blast for, well, being on the Z-List. Kim Kardashian is on there, which brought a tear of joy to mine eye. Phoebe Price is on there too. SMH @ that Southern accent.

Hilar, right? I know. But what's not hilarious at all are these pictures and video of Amy Winehouse that came up that apparently show her and Blake in their alleged crack den. A former "friend" of Blake's sold the pictures to a British tabloid. Damn, right? I understand the paparazzi being all up in your biz, but when your friends sell you out for a quick buck, to me, is mean. But anyway, the pictures are kind of sad, frankly, a little sickening. I couldn't even watch the video, and don't even feel like posting the link. I mean, I was listening to "Frank" while I went on Dlisted! And the commenters on the post basically made more fun of her. I really, really, really hope AW gets her life together and stops doing drugs (I do wanna hear what her publicist has to say to cover Amy's ass, though!).

I also keep thinking about this one post I wrote awhile back (during Laundry Watch, I think). I took something small and dramatacized my own point of view, for the sake of giving readers a chuckle and a "this child is too much!" It didn't turn out that way, though; apparently I came across as this like, crazy lady. Which is never cute. I'd never lie on this blog (if I have to lie about something, I'd just leave it out, natch) but I must re-iterate: don't take me too seriously. It will only give you a headache and I will look crazy, which we all know I'm not. Most of the time :)

Today was also my first day on the floor at VS. I worked in the fitting room and as a cashier. Working the register is something I can do without, but the FR was hectic and fun. It will be more fun once I'm able to decipher between the Body by [V] Demi Cup Push Up and the Very Sexy Extreme Push Up, or whatever. There's like 14 bras and this whole system to follow,'s a lot. But like I said, I like it. Know what else I like? The fact that I got the new BioFit Uplift bra today, for FREE. Yes, free and clear (of course I double checked). Retail value: well, far, far from free. I effin' love my job. Accidentally, though, I forgot to clock out until after I rang it up, which the manager rather curtly warned me against for the future. My bad, girl! I also need to work on saying terms like "nipple coverage" and "panty box" with a straight face (and yes, those are actual phrases).

Tomorrow is a family celebration to celebrate my cousin's engagement. It should be fun; maybe I'll take a tape measure and practice bra fitting on my aunts. Oh, the hilarity.

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