Thursday, June 5, 2008

When it Rains, it Pours

Thank goodness. Actually did some work at the station today. I edited stories and they actually went on the station's website! Just like that. There's no byline, though, so I can't really use them in my portfolio. I also worked with the nicest intern I've met so far, hence her nickname, Miss Manners. She even let me follow her out of the parking lot onto the freeway so that I wouldn't get lost like I did on Monday (I asked passersby for help and got two different sets of directions). Before she got there, though, Top Chef and I texted all morning about our mutual boredom in the workplace.

Took Precious the Dog on a nice, long walk when I got home, squeezing in some endorphins and some exercise before a torrential downpour claimed the not-so-friendly skies. It's still going on now. Snow and rain are both so lovely to me. They give you a nice excuse to snuggle up inside. The only bad part about it was the humidity, the almost-rain in the air; it made my hair go poufy. Middle Sister sat me down with her polka-dotted flatiron, though, and all was resolved.

Still not reneging on my vow not to take up Off-Limits Boy, in case you were wondering. And even if I did, I'd have no way of contacting him. Not that I want to. Really.

Haha. I'm watching "Rush Hour" right now. Chris Tucker never ceases to crack me up. But one thing I've never been able to figure out: just which bad guy, exactly, is Juntao?! Unsolved mystery. But yippee, tomorrow's a day off, and Friday, I begin training at VS! I'm so excited (hello, discount! I've calculated that I will basically be working there for free). Things are good. In my head, I tried to finish off the statement, "In a perfect world, what would happen?" I was pleasantly surprised to realize that just about everything is in its place for now. Honestly. Except for the whole Pistons-being-eliminated thing and the no-disposable money-thing. But that's why I have a job, right? And, the Red Wings just won the Stanley Cup! So that's a nice little consolation.

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